woensdag 13 oktober 2010

Happy B-day Evi!

Past saturday we celebrated my scrapbuddy's birthday. Ofcourse I obliged myself to make the prettiest card ever!

Two weeks ago we went to a big hobby event. As always I was completely broke when I returned home. Again there was too much njummie stuff lying around... *Sigh*

So, as Evi's birthday approached, I decided to use all my new goodies :D Which payed of very well as I say so myself. I used 3 brandnew goodies: my first (and definitely not last) Martha Steward-punch, silver Stickles and a new stamp. This combined with 3 flowersets, makes this card also perfect for the "3 of a kind" challenge @ Papertake weekly . Hop over to take a look.

Happy New Kitchen!

Friends of my parents recently bought a new kitchen. Of course it had to be tested properly by throwing a party :D So, I made this card to celebrate the new addition to the house.

I had this "difficult" paper lying around. Many colours, not sure where to fit it in. Specially with the drawed lines on it. But hey, I always knew there was going to be a moment when I would be thankfull to have that paper lying in my (overloaded) box. I simply wrote a recipe on it to decorate it some more.

As far as I heard the day after, the food was very nice and so was my card according to the hosts :D Mision Accomplished!

zondag 12 september 2010

Look what I found!

I have found a lost project of mine from a month ago. Apparently I didn't post it yet, so here it comes.

I admit, I'm terrible at remembering birthdays, which occasionally puts me into embarrassing situations. I also have the urge to be original in my presents, especially with good friends. I always come up with good ideas, but most of the time the working-out-part fails.

So picture this: a friend of mine celebrates her birthday in April, my present got totally screwed up before that time and I didn't get to give her another present until August! Ladies and gentleman, this means one of my best friends had to wait 5 months (!!!!) to get a proper
birthdaypresent. So embarrassing, since I remembered every week forgetting it. Thank you Sofie, forgiving me every week again :D

The present below was one of a few I included. I wanted her to give a dvd, but I thought I needed to wrap it up a little (oh yeah) originally...

You see: front, back and inside.

A little pick-me-up

This card I made for one of my best friends who needed a pick-me-up. I got the idea from (surprise!) Evi, who recently made a similar card for me. Sorry dear for stealing your inspiration :D For a change I also decorated the inside of the card, whith some leftovers. Again poor quality, thanks to my still-not-working camera...

I can also tell you, I have spent a whole afternoon sorting out my papers... A hell of a job, I can tell you! I sorted unused papers by colour into big envelopes and I did the same with my usable left-overs (which I put in a map). Yeah, I know, being crazy doesn't hurt luckily... :D


This is the other birthdaycard I promised to post. The stamp I got from my scrapbuddie Evi, who's from now on my jazzdancebuddie too :D

Again it's a picture taken with my cellphone...

zaterdag 4 september 2010

Blog Candy

At http://lothiancrafts.blogspot.com/2010/09/lothian-crafts-challenge-6.html" you can win lovely goodies. Go and check it out!

woensdag 25 augustus 2010

Henry Spidermouse!

Here's my Henry Spidermousecard, just like I promised. I already made this card back in july, for my best friend's birthday. He's completely crazy about Spiderman, no surprise he was very happy with his card :D It took me some time to sew the web and also cutting Henry out was a very time-consuming job. But hey, I'd do everything to make my best friend happy :D
It's just to bad, my camera broke down so the picture is taken with my cellphone. Good quality for a cellphonepicture, bad quality for a camerapicture. As soon as my camera's working again, I'll replace this picture with a better one :D

Soon I'll post a card for my other best friend, but again after she recieved it ;)

woensdag 4 augustus 2010


I simply love pictures! I love them for their emotional value. Pictures remind me of people I care about or funny moments I'll never forget. No surprise my room is stuffed with different pictures from family and friends and even my pets . Still, having the pictures is one, but now I want all of them to be put in very nice frames. What's more fun than to scrap your own picture frames? Since I intend to make a scrapbook about my lovely holiday with two friends, this could be a nice exercise, because I've never done something with pictures like this before.

I chose a picture of my sis and me, you can find the result below :D

Hi there!

Not much special to say about this card :D I just started without knowing what the result would be. I like this card very much. I tried to stamp a sentiment background, which succeeded pretty well I gues.

New flowers!

And yes, again one of my urges which forced me into making this card. Somehow I'm obsessed with flowers. And when I got the chance of buying a lot of them very cheap, I simply had to use a couple of them on my card. Picture me doing the next:

* First, deciding which flowers I wanted to use (which already takes a looooooooot of time)

* Picking a stamp to use ... (which already takes - yeah indeed)

* Look for fitting paper (which already - etc.)

Why do I get the feeling I was working a little backwards? Haha!
So, when I FINALLY got everything together, this basic card was the result.

Happy birthday!

I sometimes have this urge to do or use something special when I make a card. Recently I was totally into sewing. Sewing buttons, sewing a complete spiderweb (for a SpiderHenryMouse-card ofcourse :D... which is yet to be posted)... I tried everything. As usual it didn't actually go as well as I would want it to :D So, eventually only two cards were succesfull. This is a card with my Claude-stamp. As mentioned before, my Spiderman card will be posted after I gave it to the lucky birthdaybasher :D

For this card, I had to turn my mother's sewing kit upside down to find "3 same-looking, not to be used anymore" buttons. A hell of a job, I can tell you!

Back in business!

It's been a while since I posted something new. So, here I go, posting the things I made :) I'm afraid my post won't be complete though... I always forget to take pictures of my new cards and yes, I remember forgetting it after I give them away :D
So again, I will post the cards and projects I made which I didn't forget to photograph :D

This is a card I made for a friend's birthday (in April, lol). I already gave it to her when, yes indeed, I realised I didn't make a picture. So, I simply asked it back (luckaly she knows why :D)

zaterdag 2 januari 2010

Happy Holidays!

The holidays are wonderfull days for gifts! My sister and I usually give eachother a whole bunch of dvd's en we succeed to never buy the same one twice... Well, maybe we give eachother a little hint every now and then :D
This year not at all. We decided to once not give dvd's, but to go for the real surprises and unexpected gifts. Haha, my perfect challenge! I let myself go with my new Big Bite (which I got from friends for my birthday)!
So, for Christmas, I made the photoframe below. My grandparents and parents got a spot along mine. You have to flip the little squares at the left and right. Everybody liked it very much and meanwhile I've been asked to make such frame for somebody else. Mission accomplished!!! :D



Inside 2