zondag 9 januari 2011

Holidays over

The holidays have come to an end. Too bad, I finally had some time to craft again the past 2 weeks. But also, no more Christmascards to make, which is a relief to be honest, since I noticed I've run out of birthdaycards. So, still some crafting ahead for me :) I already started with this card, using my new flowers :D

Some random Christmascards

And ofcourse, approach n°3: just make some cards as usual :)

Approach n° 2

Second approach: use one, easy sketch to make different cards. You can see the results below :)

Sketch 1:

Sketch 2:

Sketch 3:

Back again!

Long time no see... again. What have I been doing all this time? Making as many Christmas/New Year/ Happy Holidays cards as possible ofcourse. I've tried to make one for all my friends, collegues and familymembers and ofcourse I've failed gloriously :D

Still, I want to show some projects of mine. My new approach this year was: try to make as many cards as possible, but without spending a day at a single card. This is the first idea I had, calld "Twincards". What I did was cut out a circle in one card and use that one as a christmassball.