woensdag 25 augustus 2010

Henry Spidermouse!

Here's my Henry Spidermousecard, just like I promised. I already made this card back in july, for my best friend's birthday. He's completely crazy about Spiderman, no surprise he was very happy with his card :D It took me some time to sew the web and also cutting Henry out was a very time-consuming job. But hey, I'd do everything to make my best friend happy :D
It's just to bad, my camera broke down so the picture is taken with my cellphone. Good quality for a cellphonepicture, bad quality for a camerapicture. As soon as my camera's working again, I'll replace this picture with a better one :D

Soon I'll post a card for my other best friend, but again after she recieved it ;)

woensdag 4 augustus 2010


I simply love pictures! I love them for their emotional value. Pictures remind me of people I care about or funny moments I'll never forget. No surprise my room is stuffed with different pictures from family and friends and even my pets . Still, having the pictures is one, but now I want all of them to be put in very nice frames. What's more fun than to scrap your own picture frames? Since I intend to make a scrapbook about my lovely holiday with two friends, this could be a nice exercise, because I've never done something with pictures like this before.

I chose a picture of my sis and me, you can find the result below :D

Hi there!

Not much special to say about this card :D I just started without knowing what the result would be. I like this card very much. I tried to stamp a sentiment background, which succeeded pretty well I gues.

New flowers!

And yes, again one of my urges which forced me into making this card. Somehow I'm obsessed with flowers. And when I got the chance of buying a lot of them very cheap, I simply had to use a couple of them on my card. Picture me doing the next:

* First, deciding which flowers I wanted to use (which already takes a looooooooot of time)

* Picking a stamp to use ... (which already takes - yeah indeed)

* Look for fitting paper (which already - etc.)

Why do I get the feeling I was working a little backwards? Haha!
So, when I FINALLY got everything together, this basic card was the result.

Happy birthday!

I sometimes have this urge to do or use something special when I make a card. Recently I was totally into sewing. Sewing buttons, sewing a complete spiderweb (for a SpiderHenryMouse-card ofcourse :D... which is yet to be posted)... I tried everything. As usual it didn't actually go as well as I would want it to :D So, eventually only two cards were succesfull. This is a card with my Claude-stamp. As mentioned before, my Spiderman card will be posted after I gave it to the lucky birthdaybasher :D

For this card, I had to turn my mother's sewing kit upside down to find "3 same-looking, not to be used anymore" buttons. A hell of a job, I can tell you!

Back in business!

It's been a while since I posted something new. So, here I go, posting the things I made :) I'm afraid my post won't be complete though... I always forget to take pictures of my new cards and yes, I remember forgetting it after I give them away :D
So again, I will post the cards and projects I made which I didn't forget to photograph :D

This is a card I made for a friend's birthday (in April, lol). I already gave it to her when, yes indeed, I realised I didn't make a picture. So, I simply asked it back (luckaly she knows why :D)