zondag 12 september 2010

Look what I found!

I have found a lost project of mine from a month ago. Apparently I didn't post it yet, so here it comes.

I admit, I'm terrible at remembering birthdays, which occasionally puts me into embarrassing situations. I also have the urge to be original in my presents, especially with good friends. I always come up with good ideas, but most of the time the working-out-part fails.

So picture this: a friend of mine celebrates her birthday in April, my present got totally screwed up before that time and I didn't get to give her another present until August! Ladies and gentleman, this means one of my best friends had to wait 5 months (!!!!) to get a proper
birthdaypresent. So embarrassing, since I remembered every week forgetting it. Thank you Sofie, forgiving me every week again :D

The present below was one of a few I included. I wanted her to give a dvd, but I thought I needed to wrap it up a little (oh yeah) originally...

You see: front, back and inside.

A little pick-me-up

This card I made for one of my best friends who needed a pick-me-up. I got the idea from (surprise!) Evi, who recently made a similar card for me. Sorry dear for stealing your inspiration :D For a change I also decorated the inside of the card, whith some leftovers. Again poor quality, thanks to my still-not-working camera...

I can also tell you, I have spent a whole afternoon sorting out my papers... A hell of a job, I can tell you! I sorted unused papers by colour into big envelopes and I did the same with my usable left-overs (which I put in a map). Yeah, I know, being crazy doesn't hurt luckily... :D


This is the other birthdaycard I promised to post. The stamp I got from my scrapbuddie Evi, who's from now on my jazzdancebuddie too :D

Again it's a picture taken with my cellphone...

zaterdag 4 september 2010

Blog Candy

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